Elder Arantham

Leader of the Ashen Covenant and Scion of Orcus


Elder Arantham is an aging Huecuva, or a zombie that retains it’s thoughts and composure. He wears the vestments of the Church of Orcus.

His hair is dry and straw like pulling straight out from his head in intentional angles. His teeth, seemingly too large for his now shrunken mouth, make his smiles seem overbearing to the point of insincerity.

When dealing with the public he leverages a large cloak with a shadowy hood. He’s proud of his heritage, but understands that world isn’t there it, but it will be…oh it will be.

A powerful necromancer in his own right, he crackles with necromatic energy, but rarely seems to use it outside of necessity.


As the leader of the engimatic Ashen Covenant, Elder Arantham holds a particular view on death. As a Huecuva, a zombie who retained their thoughts and senses, he poses a curious link between this life and the next. His ambition is to over turn the natural order, and his followers have taken on several initiatives to make that a reality.

Calm and collected, his words and ideas have proven to pose more of a threat than any dark magic he could conjure, but despite this his true motivations remain a mystery, and perhaps in the end only Orcus himself knows exactly what this demagogue has in mind.

Elder Arantham

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